About Us


About Us

Meet the owners of Afolari, Agnes and her daughter Isabelle. For a long time, I struggled with hair problems such shedding, hair loss and hair growth problems. My children also experienced the same issues as myself. I used so many products in the market and didn’t get the results I expected. Due to the disappointment, I decided to research natural and organic ingredients which I have used to create hair products. A product that is toxins and chemical free. I used it on my children and I. In less than a month I noticed amazing results. The success of the product gave me the push I needed to create my own hair brand.

Our brand started off with handcrafted hair growth products and we have launched a line of Organic Skincare products.

Afolari is a natural hair and skin care brand based in Texas. Our purpose is to help people of all ages with different hair textures and skin problems feel comfortable with their natural hair and skin.

We create products with all-natural ingredients for ALL ethnic hair textures, whether it’s relaxed, natural, damaged, or healthy. Our products contain ingredients that will increase hair growth, moisturizes your hair. It strengthens your hair follicles, causes your hair to grow, and makes it look and feel heathy and shiny. Our Skin Care products derive from all natural ingredients which are extremely safe for skin. We create products that will keep skin hydrated and also help prevent rashes such as eczema. 


Our Ingredients

We are an ingredient-focused brand dedicated to creating all natural and effective hair care growth products and skin care products. What a natural way to perfect hair growth and perfect your skin than to showcase the power of raw natural and organic ingredients.

Our ingredients are 100% pure and natural which adheres to strict purity standards and will never contain harsh or toxic ingredients.

Organic Hydrating Skin Care Products